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Your partner in dental staffing.

With our convenient online platform, it's never been easier to find quality temporary professionals to fit your practice's staffing needs.

Dental Experts is more than a name –
it's who we are.

We are an experienced collection of dental professionals ready to supplement your team. We partner with practices of all sizes to provide staffing solutions that meet their needs. Whether you need coverage for last-minute illnesses, vacation time, long-term leaves, or anything in between, Dental Experts is here to help you keep your practice running smoothly.

Our team is here for your patients when your team can't be. We provide:

  • Dental hygienists
  • Dental assistants
  • Administrative personnel
  • Dental therapists
  • Dentists

What sets us apart

Our free online platform makes it easy for you to request a temp, view prospective clinician profiles, approve timecards, and pay invoices, all in one place.

We are ensure that all Dental Experts team members are compliant with rules and regulations in accordance with the MN Board of Dentistry, MN Department of Health, CDC, OSHA, and HIPAA. We strive to be the leader in our industry to help protect your practice, decrease your liability, and keep your team (and ours!) safe.

When you work with our providers, you never have to worry about payroll, liability insurance, benefits, or W-2s. We take care of the business side of things so your focus can remain on your patients and your practice.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have used Dental Experts for years. Our team loves that they always send the most professional staff to work at our office, and I would recommend Dental Experts over any other dental staffing company in the metro area. Thank you for doing such a great job for our clinic and doctors.

We have had a wonderful relationship with Dental Experts. We are always happy to have their temps help us out. We have had both hygiene and assisting staff from Dental Experts. The time that they spend looking for the right person shows in the quality of temps they send our way. Keep it up!

We have been a client of Dental Experts for many years. We use their temporary services as well as permanent hiring of new staff members. Their service is always consistent and outstanding! Their dental professionals provide high-quality care and integrate very well with our team.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

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